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      - Changed internal copyprocesses with a safe version
      - Changed internal tableaccess process with a safe version
      - Infinity Field Formation Flight Fix
      - Infintiy Reenter Fix
      - Infinity Item Rolling Win Notify changed
      - Hackshield Protection bypass fixed
      - Fixed the Blackbishop bug (the annoying one since Episode 2)
      - Fixed the Quest SHA check
      - Fixed the Experience % of Level 125 on entering Arena/IF
      - Fixed the Angle Wing gate selection, that bcu comes out the other gate too. (A Bug which exist since Episode 2 either)
      - Fixed a freeze issue related to the Sound Engine
      - Fixed the "SPI Capsule" drop of Strategic Points
      - Fixed the "10 Minute Remaining" SP Message on startup with the correct Time
      - Fixed a Render Crash issue in the Shops of the Crystal System
      - Warp to "Arlington City" fixed on "Rakion" "Warp Shop"
      - Warp to "Arlington City" fixed on "Coronado" "Warp Shop"
      - Added the "NGC Strategic Point" on "Floating Lake" and "Hazle Research Center" like a normal Strategic Point
      - Improved the Strategic Point Preview System with HP Bars of friendly Strategic Points
      - Strategic Point livetime related to the Level
      - Improved detection of sandbox tools

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      2nd Sky-Fighter Mirror:
      Google Mirror:
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