This place is hell for a new player.

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    • This place is hell for a new player.

      I don't understand how you expect people to join this server and compete at SP's and Motherships. I talk to people who have thousands of hypers, tons of this, tons of that, have had crazy exp bonuses, just all kinds of stuff from GM giveaways. How do you expect a new player to join this server, and be able to PvP when the equipment gap between people is so insanely HUUUUUUUUGE. On top of that, I hear now DGA's will no longer give the good stuff, that other players got a ton of. On top of all this, even when I spend 20-40 bucks a month here, I still have to entirely DEPEND on DGA's. On top of that, lots of really good DGA's are COMPLETELY random. Meaning I might be at work, and miss something really helpful.

      Basically, new players on this server are simply free KM's , and they will be free KM's for months and months, if not years, unless you spend a crap ton of $$$ on things other players got for free and got a ton of.

      On top of all this, the weapon/armor capsule is random chance to drop...I could buy 10, not get one. But you don't offer option to buy it straight up? Why not just offer the option to buy it straight up? Make it cost like 3-4x what a capsule does. Atleast then I don't have to waste money on getting A-Kits from a $5.00 capsule.

      Also, this Sky-Fighter Activity Award thing is pretty awful. Need 250 or something to buy 1 single e14 That I can live with. But you make it so people feel like they should just afk in town to get them. They don't have good enough gear to PVP, so they just AFK in town...Hoping to get a lot of activity rewards and make a good item...

      When I joined I was under the impression this was a PvP server, but that is only true for the players who have been here for a long time, and got the old DGA's. Everyone else is mostly a free KM, til they spend a lot of $$$ and grind for a long long time.
    • This server and relatively easy to grind, and on the capsules and other things that occur in this server myself am sujerindo changes.

      You get to start the game 1500 protec of each type can make very easy e15 items and reach level 125 also in 1 month using MG.

      It is true many player before level 125, KM are free because end items are very UP.

      These combinations allow us to be a 100% balanced server, more to be a balanced nature need to have everything in the final level of skill to their level and e15 equipment.

      Does not take 1 month to be balanced against the server.

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