The GM Logic on Sky-Fighter

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    • The GM Logic on Sky-Fighter

      Gives old players tons of amazing stuff at old DGA's. Endless hypers, e14 protects, whatever. Now, new players don't get jack shit. You don't even give us hypers? Let's just think about the effects this has.

      Old players who got tons of free stuff, thousands of hypers, now can steal every SPI a new player gets because they have to buy hypers from them. (Terrible balance. Terrible economy.)

      Old players get e14 protects to make e15-e16 weapons. New players get none. (Not only do new players not get A SINGLE HYPER CARD from DGA, they also don't get these prots. Again. Totally insane GM logic.)

      I've been told you need 50 E14 HPROTS to make a e16 weapon, if not more if you're not lucky. 50 e14HPROTS costs 250,000 DP. 250,000. I am all for donating and buying contours, hyper gambles, trail ect, but now you want me to buy all this too? I already have to buy your bullshit gamble caps to get the required armor/weps to play here, but you also want me to pay over $5.00 USD for EACH e14 hprot, on top of that, I don't even have the hypers to even fucking use them? Are you out of your minds?

      You GM's are completely in the wrong here and it will be to your own detriment, as new players will join and try this server, just to discover what I have discovered. That the old players are crazy rich from old DGA's and new players don't get jack shit and have to PAY old players their wealth FOR WHAT OLD PLAYERS GOT FOR FREE. AND SPEND A TON AT CASH SHOP just to even go to a SP and be able to simply COMPETE. Not be OP, not be god-like, just to compete!!!

      How can you GM's not see this? How is completely screwing over new players healthy for your server? I've already donated $50.00 dollars my first month, and when I think about donating again, I get disgusted with the fact that I have to give you uncaring, apathetic assholes money. You clearly do not give a single fuck about this server.

      ATLEAST let us earn hypers in a REASONABLE way. Like make them have a small, but not too small chance to drop from NGC-type mobs? Anything for the love of God. Seriously, you want me to pay a crap ton of war points for 30-50 hypers??? Or these worthless hourly rewards? REALLY? So it takes a year to not be a free KM anymore? Jesus Christ. You guys have 0-zero logic. Absolutely mind blowing the level of apathy here from the GM's.

      Bottom line- People play a private server to have fun and not be bogged down by the bullshit on official servers. They don't play here to be free KM's against old players who got a ton of free shit from DGA's that are no longer given. DUH.

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    • lol. Highly amusing.

      Mate you fell into a trap that I have seen many people fall into. You pay too much attention to what everyone else says and does and has. If you ignored the flapping mouths and focused on playing the game you would realise that you can get everything you want. Most of the people whining about "the good old DGA's" are just too lazy or too bad at the game to make any effort.

      You want to know why these people brag to newbies about their bio of bio e16's and whine about what they used to get in DGA's that they don't now? Because they aren't good enough to get the things they want by playing the game and if they didn't have that stuff handed to them they would have had their asses kicked until they quit. Making you think that you just cant get what they have is just a way of evoking reverence and respect that they dont deserve.

      Don't let the loudmouths with the shiny stuff trick you into thinking they are the better players here. The better players are too busy playing the game to worry about impressing noobs.