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      First of all, as you can see, Sodom (NGC Base) OP is different if we compare with Mesos, Akron or Corona OPs.
      At the beginning of this base, the "owners" to call it somehow, are reset. This means that when the OP begins the OP doesn't have owner, so you have to kill the core again to get the OP instead of defending it at first.
      To enter the base, you have to kill the Gomorah, Sodom OP boss.
      To kill the Gomorah, you have first to deactivate the 4 controllers spawned at the map, because the Gomorah have a shield that no one can kill. You'll have to coordinate with your nation, brig or form mates to kill those controllers, because after a certain time, the controllers will re-spawn and you won't be able to kill the Gomorah if 1 controller is alive. So the best trick to this is killing all the controllers at same time and then go directly to the Gomorah.
      When the Gomorah is death, you'll be able to enter Sodom and then kill the core to get the OP for your brigade.
      After killing the core, the system is the same, defend the core from the enemy and it's yours.

      *Gomorah is only spawned at this OP, there isn't another way to spawn it. Gomorah mission have to be done at OP Sodom and you'll need to get the max damage with your formation.
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