can't use Personal Electronic Toy (SF Type)

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    • can't use Personal Electronic Toy (SF Type)

      i have a Personal Electronic Toy (EVO Type) and Buff Auto Use Socket ,and have maken it level25.but after i put rhe Personal Electronic Toy (SF Type) on,the partner pannel doesn't show except i put EVO TYPE one back again.
      then i restart the computer,the Personal Electronic Toy (SF Type) pannel showed and it's already level25 with Only one hole for auto kits.i have buff auto socket & kit socket but there is only one hole for's a big problem to me.
      so can u check up my account and solve this issue.if u cant repair it,i want another new Personal Electronic Toy (SF Type) with two holes for Buff Auto Use Socket & Condensed Kit Auto Consume Socket.even level0 is okay,i can make it level up by myself.
      character name:TUTU

      ty & best regards
    • I didn't really understand you.
      I understood that you are talking about 2 holes in a PET for Auto Kit and Auto Buff.
      Well, this is not a problem either a bug, at Sky-Fighter you only got 1 hole each PET.

      If you got any problem else with the PETs please try to explain a bit better, thanks.
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