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      Big Summer Event

      Sky-Fighter is performing a big summer event

      01.06.2015 – 30.09.2015

      Prizes over
      3000€ in total

      Collect as much EVENT ORBS as you can and become a

      Sky-Fighter MILLIONAIRE

      Where can you get those EVENT ORBs from?

      You get them from Strategic Points, Outpost Wars, Mothership Fights, some of the Bosses and of course from our Events.
      Whenever we do:

      • Last Nation Standing
      • Question & Answers
      • Fight Events
      • Hide ‘ n ‘ Seek
      • Kill the GM
      • Special Events

      either only the winner or every participant or his whole nation gets those Event Orbs, depending on the kind of event.

      It is also possible to get them from DGA, Sundays and randomly during the week
      You can get Orbs from buying Membership (Level, Regeneration, Combo) and Sky-Fighter 3rd Anniversary Caps too.
      Those are items player usually buy from voting.

      Where can you store the EVENT ORBs and what can you do with them?

      The Event Orbs stay in the inventory of the gear who gets it until the event has ended.
      They cant be deleted, sold, traded or drawed in Warehouse or Brigade Warehouse .
      You can't do anything with the EVENT ORBs until the event ends at 30.09.2015.

      Why do you need to collect EVENT ORBs?

      The day after the event, 01.10.2015, we count the EVENT ORBs of every single gear to see who has collected most of them.
      They are only an indicator how active you have been during the eventtime.

      Who wins the event?

      We decided to let you fight for the win only in your own gear type.
      That means a MG don’t have to competite with a BG or AG.
      In every type of gear we have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner and we have 4th–10th place.

      So we have in total 4 x 1st, 4 x 2nd, 4x 3rd and 28 x 4th - 10th winner.

      What can you win in this event?

      1st prize: Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22, 1.000.000 Credits, Unique Event Weapon AND Unique Event Armor

      2nd prize: Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Keyboard/Mouse/Pad-Set, 250.000 Credits, Unique Event Armor OR Unique Event Weapon

      3rd prize: Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse, 100.000 Credits, Unique Event Armor OR Unique Event Weapon

      4th -10th prize: Sky-Fighter Event Mousepad, 50.000 Credits

      The Unique Event Armors and Weapons are built as the winner wants it to be built (all gambleable Fixes allowed) and are absolutely Unique on Sky-Fighter server.
      They will be the strongest available equipment at this time!

      After the event we add recipes to the laboratory so you are able to combine the Event Orbs to special items like fight items or credit items.

      • 1st_price.JPG

        15.09 kB, 300×300, viewed 1,409 times
      • 2nd_price.JPG

        138.75 kB, 971×751, viewed 709 times
      • 3rd_price.JPG

        78.3 kB, 598×592, viewed 753 times
      • Big Summer Event 2015.png

        1.65 MB, 1,419×1,064, viewed 721 times
      • 4th-10th_price.png

        433.39 kB, 579×458, viewed 798 times
    • Dear Community,

      our Summer Event is over now since 05.10.2015 00:00 servertime.
      The 10 best Pilots of each Gearclass are:


      1.TILEMAXOSGR 1440
      2. Kraken 1385
      3. WIRACHA 1019
      4. Maxa 825
      5. ScottMcCall 807
      6. _TwiStaar_ 773
      7. CreAtuRe 765
      8. JetSki 765
      9. Wolfcik 648
      10. Luzif3r 632


      1. xHAMMERx 1404
      2. Crash_Bandicot 1017
      3. WarDog 956
      4. Heidelinde 704
      5.Thunderboy 701
      6. senol1 657
      7. Atlan 539
      8. GunnyFrank 501
      9. porrismetal 477
      10. Scrubduck 457


      1. GaLateA 1800
      2. ColeTrickle 1702
      3. MrNobody 1412
      4. OLYMPIAGR 1256
      5. TILEMAX0SGR 1227
      6. BlackSwan 1138
      7. _Katarina_ 1125
      8. Nato 974
      9. dyamond 963
      10. Obsessive 866


      1. BUBULANUL 1454
      2. BadPiLaV 1256
      3. BiscuitsJr 1019
      4. _snake_ 979
      5. RaaWa 770
      6. Metalmania 694
      7. Flint 689
      8. JonBocaSerada 596
      9. Kr4keN 520
      10. lTonyMontana 502

      All winner are informed personally with email to their registration adress. Please take care of the mails, also watch your spam folders. You will have to answer them and tell us your adress where we should send the prices to. Also you will have to tell us how you want your weapons and armors to be built.

      We hope you had fun with this event and will take part in the next one again too.

      CoMa Breal