XMAS DGA Last item as wished by the leaders

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    • XMAS DGA Last item as wished by the leaders


      Santa Claus is here to fulfill your wishes for the Xmas DGA.

      As your leader decided you all get DP-Weapons for your gears. Of course there is only less space in my bag, thats why every account gets only ONE weapon. So choose wisely which gear you log in first. This gear will get the weapon corresponding to the gear type:
      BG = Pride of Sky
      IG = Devilscreature
      MG = Juice of God
      AG = Peacemaker

      Requirement is: Your gear has to be at least Level 103.

      The Login-Event starts at 26.12.2015 15:00 Servertime and ends at 27.12.2015 14:59 Servertime !!!

      For your new weapons we will do Enchant Happy Hours ONLY FOR WEAPONS at:
      27.12.2015 19:00 ~ 21:00 Servertime
      28.12.2015 17:00 ~ 19:30 Servertime

      Enjoy playing Sky-Fighter and have a wonderful Xmas.

      Your CoMa Breal