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      [Blocked Image: http://sky-fighter.com/img/SF_Logo.png]
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      - Overworked complete Random Engine
      -- using "Mersenne Twister" algorithm
      -- 10 Times faster
      -- Improved statistic of results
      - Added Help Icon
      - Overworked HP Bar of Enemy Gears
      -- Showing HP/DP/SP %
      -- Showing Gearname, Gear Type and level
      - Gambles with fixed Results show the Functions now in the ItemInfo
      - Showing below the Gearname the Nation Leader Rank
      - Showing below the Gearname the Brigade Name (Enable/Disable in the settings)

      - Fixed the crash of Message Windows in specific conditions
      - Fixed the rewards given on a defended Mothership
      - Fixed disappearing Inventory Size Tooltip on specific inputs
      - Permanent Brigade Buffs are now updated correctly on joining and leaving brigades
      - Fixed usage of "Snare Shot" via Formation Frame
      - Added validation of the Targets of specific debuffs
      - Fixed string generation of colored Text phrases of GM/Speaker Messages
      - Fixed arrow position of aggro Monsters in high resolutions
      - Fixed the request of Guildmarks in the Outpost View
      - Fixed an issue resulting monsters never target/hit on specific attacks
      - Fixed Monster Bipin Attack Effect
      - Fixed P.E.T. Mine Effect

      - SP Level while Mothership is now influenced by the amount of attacking players
      - Added "Mothership Attack Restriction" Item usable for the Nation Leader
      - Added "[Nation Leader] Summon All" Item for the Nation Leader
      - Added permanent buff for the Nation Leader giving 7,5% Attack and 750 Shield
      - Added permanent buff for the Brigade Member of the Nation Leader giving 5% Attack and 500 Shield
      - Nation Leader (4%) and his brigade (2%) now receive a buff for every outpost owned by the nation
      - Added "Hyper Shot" Level 5 with 5000% additional DMG
      - Added "Hyper Shot" Level 6 with 5000% additional DMG and 50% Pierce
      - Remove cooldown reset on death/reload on "Silence"
      - Reduce cooldown of "Silence" to 150 Seconds
      - Added SP-Level specific rewards on completing a SP

      - Blocking Logout/Quit Function 5 Seconds after last PVP Hit
      - Tweaked rendering of times
      - Mothership attacking warning is now shown for both nations
      - Colored ItemInfo Parameters
      - Overworked Lock/Unlocking of Enemy/Monster
      -- Notification includes Name of Last target
      -- Notification includes information if this was a automatic release or manual
      - Improved Chat Features
      -- Added Whisperchat Filter
      -- Added Leader Chat View Filter
      -- Added Global Chat View Filter
      -- Tweaked Chat View Filter information’s
      - Ensure the usage of term "Brigade" instead of "Guild"
      - Ensure the usage of term "Formation" instead of "Party"

      - Allow buying Skills in the Skill Shop with doubleclick

      - Fixed the Nation Board Size

      - SF_Main.exe : virustotal.com/de/file/dcf3940…7732/analysis/1469148380/
      - SF_Main.x64 : virustotal.com/de/file/c0dbd06…047a/analysis/1469148387/
      - SF_Main.xp : virustotal.com/de/file/75226df…2294/analysis/1469148390/

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      Google Mirror:
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