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      [Blocked Image: https://sky-fighter.com/img/SF_Logo_EP5.png]
      Version: ->

      It has been 17 Months since our last milestone update.
      Today we are proud to present you Episode 5 on Sky-Fighter.
      This update mainly concentrates on the technical part of Sky-Fighter including major changes on the engine, bugfixes, performance, features and more.
      Please read this changelog carefully since new features and changes are listed and explained properly.

      - Item Link System
      -- Link items into the chat
      -- Alt+Click on item in the inventory and click on "Item Link" button
      -- On mouse hover item infos can be viewed

      - Login System
      -- Removed Login in Launcher
      -- Added Login Ingame
      -- Added "Password Save" function
      -- Added "Auto Login" function

      - Chat Communication System
      -- Click on chat message open a whisper window
      -- Only possible on persons you can whisper with in general

      - Option System
      -- Overworked loading, saving and validating
      -- Changed Option Window
      -- New Options:
      --- Resolution (Change Resolution ingame)
      ---- Added Multi Monitor suppot
      ---- Added system adjusted resolution
      --- Window Mode
      --- Render Level (Set the GFX usage - 3 is advised but not supported on old GFX)
      --- Texture Filter (Set the way object texture get rendered)
      --- Anisotropic Level (Set the sharpness of Anisotropic Filter setting)
      --- V Synch (Remove tearing (works only on full screen))
      --- Triple Buffer (Improves performance when V-Synch is active)
      --- Low Quality (Set various options on a advised low value (Minimum Frame before))
      --- Pirority Process (Tells windows to prioritize CPU and I/O operations for the process)
      -- Removed "Warp-Fix" Option since no multithreading issues exist anymore

      - Overworked Pre-Launcher
      - Overworked Launcher
      - Added several performance improvements
      - Added several stability improvements
      - Overworked Object generation/load/unload
      - Overworked Interface generation/load/unload
      - Overworked Game generation/load/unload
      - Overworked Thread synchronisation and communication
      - Overworked Core Engine Elements
      - Overworked DX Element Creation
      - Overworked DX Element Management
      - Combined Base DX Elements for multiple usage
      - Improve text resource caching system
      - Overworked lag compensation system
      - Improved and cleaned the Network system
      - Remove alot of unused elements and systems
      - Improved brigade mark loading

      - Adjusted reattack calculation (reducing the pirority of framebreaks)
      - Nation balance system is now activated and deactivated by the staff team

      - Added sound feedback on several interface elements
      - Preventing double focus on several input elements
      - Interface scroll position wont change when adding/removing items
      - Allow layer change of several windows which were been static before
      - Error message during gear creation and now more detailed
      - Adjusted gear scaling in inventory gear preview on big resolutions
      - Remove unused input system for asian characters

      - Fixed several Memory Leaks
      - Fixed several Bugs
      - Fixed several potential exploits
      - Fixed a formation related exploit
      - Fixed an issues in the TCP communication
      - Fixed monster "Shrine Laboratory" transaprency render
      - Fixed render of text without coloration
      - Dead gears wont fire rockets anymore
      - Cannot lock-on dead gears anymore
      - Fixed an issue where lock-on gears wont refresh its HP/Shield/SP stats
      - Fixed an issue during preloading game elements
      - Fixed a bug on wrong usage of transmogrify cards
      - Fixed bazaar log render
      - Fixed rendering colored names in arena
      - Fixed a small issue regarding "Ammunition Recharge Box"
      - Fixed a crash when the game close while factory is open
      - Fixed an issue where players of the previous map can be seen for a short period
      - Fixed a deadlock issue when using outpost shops without having a brigade
      - Minimizing Sky-Fighter wont result in a close anymore

      - Overworked "Bipin" Model
      - Overworked "Lithin" Model

      - Fixed "[Partner Contour] Communication"
      - Fixed "[Partner Contour] Defense"
      - Added "[Veil Contour] Sharp Harvard"
      - Added "[Defender Contour] Sharp Partizan"
      - Added "[Guarder Contour] Sharp Pole"
      - Added "[Binder Contour] Sharp Spitum"

      - Lock-on secondary sound is now coming every time
      - You cannot whisper other people while your whisper filter is activated
      - Misses on own gear and not shown anymore as "0"
      - Sky-Fighter Window and Taskbar Entry will start flashing when being not in focus in following cases:
      -- Receiving COH request
      -- Infinity-Field join request
      -- Arena-Team found notification
      -- Receiving damage

      - Sky-Fighter.exe : virustotal.com/de/file/7460883…9fd8/analysis/1485820327/
      - Launcher.atm : virustotal.com/de/file/65542b4…ced4/analysis/1485827941/
      - SF_Main.exe : virustotal.com/de/file/a701fed…4727/analysis/1486316891/
      - SF_Main.x64 : virustotal.com/de/file/01a4b64…681f/analysis/1486316896/
      - SF_Main.xp : virustotal.com/de/file/3351357…b55a/analysis/1486316899/

      [Manual Patch]
      1st Sky-Fighter Mirror:
      2nd Sky-Fighter Mirror:
      Google Mirror:

      [Full Setup]
      Sky-Fighter Client
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