Pinned Sky-Fighter celebrates 6th anniversary

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    • Sky-Fighter celebrates 6th anniversary

      Hello Pilots,

      for the celebration of the 6th anniversary of Sky-Fighter, we decided to go new ways.

      This time you don't have to fight for the rewards, because we know you all are very good fighters, more or less.
      So we want to test your abilities in gear handling.
      Show us how perfect you master your gear.

      To do so, we built 3 maps with different difficulties and of course a corresponding amount of rewards.

      - Corona Stadium ( Easy ) - 2 Parcour Token
      - Akron Stadium ( Medium ) - 4 Parcour Token
      - Sodom Stadium ( Hard ) - 8 Parcour Token

      To finish the map you have to fly to the end and kill the map-controlling monster "Zord".
      On your way you will find some other mobs that, once killed, give you buffs. Some good ones, some bad ones.
      Its up to you to decide wether you want to use them or not :)

      Once the "Zord" is killed, ALL player on the map are towned to their capital.
      So only the first one gets the rewards, but don't worry, "Zord" is replaced within 4 - 8 minutes.

      In order to enter the map, you need urgently a [Mysterious Code] Violet card.
      You get 10 of them every day during the event for free.
      Additional cards can be bought either with WP in WP-Shop or with DP in Cash-Shop.

      The Parcour Token can be exchanged into items in Ginas Token Shop.
      Therefor we added brand new items for the term of the event:

      1000DP Capsule - 25 Token
      [Veil Contour] Heliopolis - 40 Token
      [Defender Contour] Necropolis - 40 Token
      [Guarder Contour] Hermopolis - 40 Token
      [Binder Contour] Nightmare Indianapolis - 40 Token
      [Veil Contour] Sharp Harvard - 40 Token
      [Defender Contour] Sharp Partizan - 40 Token
      [Guarder Contour] Sharp Pole - 40 Token
      [Binder Contour] Sharp Spitum - 40 Token
      [Name Color] 7 Days Green - 40 Token
      [Name Color] 7 Days Pink - 40 Token
      [Name Color] 7 Days Orange - 40 Token
      [Name Color] 7 Days Dark - 40 Token
      [Name Color] 7 Days Olive - 40 Token
      WP Item Capsule - 160 Token

      Additionally we added 4 new Fixes to the WP Item Capsule

      Fighter for Standard and Advanced Weapons
      of Fighter for Standard and Advanced Weapons

      Each fix gives you 30% Min/Max on your weapon.
      So you can create whole new weapon configurations with all our new fixes.

      The event begins now (09.09.2017) and lasts till 24.09.2017 23:59

      The whole Team thanks you all for the wonderful years of fun and fights and look ahead to the next 6. <3